NEDA – der Ruf – Composition Commission issued to Nader Mashayeki

Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück

Until now Persian poet Nizami (1141–1209) had primarily been in evidence in conjunction with opera in the basic research done on Turandot. However, in addition to Turandot Nizami depicted many other women in his poems who are not only beautiful and proud but also strong and wise; women who with their intelligence and depth of soul transform for the better those men approaching them with arrogance and contempt – though not without making great sacrifices themselves. This inspired librettists Nadja Kayali and Angelika Messner and Iranian composer Nader Mashayekhi to write an opera about the poet and how he conjured up these women: about his love for a proud and wise slave woman and the resistance they both encounter – until the woman’s death. A fairytale-like story that reflects the slave and the poet’s actions in Nizami’s literary heroines Turandot, Nushabe and Fitna. The composition commission issued to Nader Mashayeki as well as the integrated sound installations are funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

March 13th 2010, 7.30 pm, Premiere
Theater Osnabrück

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