International Contemporary Ensemble, New York, USA

The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) is a uniquely structured chamber music group comprising thirty dynamic, accomplished young musicians in New York City and Chicago. Their new project Eyes/Ears is a series of three performances at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), cementing a newly-formed collaborative relationship between two of America's leading arts presenters. The project also expands upon the ICE's new-media outreach program, launched to unprecedented acclaim for the ensemble's MCA debut in June 2009, with podcasts, blogs, and online listening rooms. The series "Eyes/Ears" will center around a program of seldom-performed masterworks by Edgar Varèse, which the ICE will perform at the 2010 Lincoln Center festival. The other two concerts feature two interesting composers of our time: Olga Neuwirth and Mike Svoboda. The Neuwirth program will focus on her exciting work for film, while the Svoboda program will explore the role of the composer-performer, with connections to jazz and popular genres. 

November 2010, March and June 2011
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA

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