Final Concert Villa Massimo

Deutsche Akademie Rome, Italy

The stipends awarded by the Deutsche Akademie in Rome are aimed at young artists boasting extraordinary qualifications and great talent in the fields of fine arts, architecture, literature and music (composition). Each of the ten stipend recipients at Villa Massimo are around the age of 40 and are already enjoying initial public success. This stay in Rome is aimed at giving them inspiration and artistic orientation without the burden of financial constraints. 

Once again this year Villa Massimo extended an invitation to its final concert  featuring the Ensemble Modern. The concert was held in the largest hall of the auditorium, the Sala Santa Cecilia. This time featuring large orchestration with conductor Stefan Asbury and twenty-one international musicians the Ensemble Modern also played compositions by stipend recipients Márton Illés and Charlotte Seither both of whom were awarded Villa Massimo stipends in 2009.

December 11th 2009
Sala Santa Cecilia, Accademia Nazionale, Rome, Italy

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