Netz für Neue Musik

Ensemble Zeitfluss, Graz

The aim of Ensemble Zeitfluss is to juxtapose works of international composers of the 20th century with those of local composers. A major concern of the ensemble is to make audible the exciting development of contemporary music and its beauty that remains largely hidden to the public at large. Ensemble Zeitfluss wishes to bring about the performance of forgotten, lesser-played and unknown works of modern-day music. The program aims to appeal to a wide audience with selected works by great composers, some of which have been virtually banished from current musical life. These works will be performed alongside new commission compositions. For the "Netz für Neue Musik" (Network for New Music) project Ensemble Zeitfluss will be networking from Graz with Zagreb’s Ansambl Cantus: six composition commissions will be issued to local Styrian and Croatian composers. The works of both ensembles will be performed in a total of five concerts. In so doing the local composers’ compositions are to be integrated into the repertoire of the respective other ensemble and the Graz and Zagreb music scenes will be enriched and interlinked through the ensembles’ joint performances. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the composition commissions issued to Florian Gessler, Elisabeth Harnik, Gerd Kühr, Peter Lackner, Orestis Toufektsis and Joana Wozny.

February – May 2010
Graz, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia

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