Arcana Festival für Neue Musik

Regionale 10, Graz, Österreich

The Styrian culture festival "Regionale" will run this year from June 2nd to August 14th in the district of Liezen. Held as part of "Regionale10" the "Arcana Festival of New Music" is to be managed by the former director of the "steirischer herbst" festival Peter Oswald. 22 events will be held in St. Gallen and at various locations around the Gesäuse National Park between July 28th and August 8th. The events will feature performances of 90 works by 33 composers of the 20th and 21st centuries including Beat Furrer, Olga Neuwirth, Friedrich Cerha, Peter Ablinger and Johannes Maria Staud. The bodies of musicians invited here include the Schönbergchor, the Breslau Chamber Orchestra, Vienna’s Klangforum Wien and ensemble recherche. The program will be accompanied by an ambitious education and musical appreciation program as well as by a symposium at the interface between art and the neurosciences. The name of the festival comes from Edgard Varèse’s orchestral piece "Arcana".

July 28th to August 8th 2010
St. Gallen, Gesäuse National Park, Östereich

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