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Munich Biennale Concert Series: Biennale plus

Munich Biennale 

Two decades ago Hans Werner Henze founded the Munich Biennale, a festival that is unique worldwide: debut performances of new operas, mainly the first works of young composers in this field, are lined up alongside concerts, symposia and discussions with composers. Presentation, reflection and debate all join together in this laboratorium of new music theater. In 2008 the concert series Biennale plus was established alongside this music theater. For each concert a commission is given to a promising young composer. The commissioned composer proposes the other works that are to form the program on each evening. The ensuing "mini-portraits" are intended to highlight the variety of the different sound aesthetics. In 2010 the Biennale plus concert series made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is to be continued with large orchestras which are particularly committed to the constant development and performance of New Music: the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Munich Radio Orchestra. They play under the baton of conductors who point the way and set standards in the performance of New Music. 

April 27th – May 12th 2010

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