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Musica Nova Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

In addition to Kiel’s familiar New Music festival "kieler tage für neue musik" chiffren (a project of Kiel’s Forum for Contemporary Music) includes a variety of other projects such as the Musiklabor, the chiffren Prize as part of the national young musicians’ competition "Jugend musiziert", the "composer-in-residence" event, an innovative music schools’ working group entitled "Musikschulen innovativ", so-called label concerts and a national youth ensemble for New Music.  From February 4th to 7th 2010 chiffren organized the "kieler tage für neue musik".

The focal point of the four-day festival lay on works not older than ten years old. Klangforum Wien, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, ensemble reflexion as well as the piano duo Kiebler/Schrammel played works by such figures as Haas, Lanza, Camarero, Aperghis, Andre, Mundry and Spahlinger. The LandesJugendEnsemble Neue Musik Schleswig-Holstein also played under the baton of Friedrich Wedell.

February 4th – 7th 2010
Halle 400, Kiel

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