Monograph: Music of the USA

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Authors: Berndt Ostendorf and Wolfgang Rathert

The German translation of Gilbert Chase’s America's Music entitled Die Musik Amerikas was published by the Berlin publishing house Max-Hesse-Verlag in 1958 and was the last still existing complete overview of North American music. Despite the vast wealth of international publications and research on the music of the USA over the past decades leading to a totally new evaluation of the historic and artistic processes, no monograph dealing with this topic has appeared on the German book market since then. 

The book project by Americanist Berndt Ostendorf and music scholar Wolfgang Rathert is intended to fill this gap as an introduction into the physiognomy of North American music that is today no longer one of knowledge but one of understanding, analysis and interpretation. The overview will adopt an innovative and academic methodological approach in terms of both concept and content while appealing to a wider readership at the same time. The book is to appear as an independent monograph at the publishing house Schott-Verlag Mainz.


Spring 2011
Schott-Verlag, Mainz

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