Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA)

Festival Klangspuren, Schwaz Tirol, Austria

Aspects of the contemporary music scene in Spain, an in-depth portrait of the composer and conductor George Benjamin, and new cooperation projects with the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna – a festival dedicated to female creativity – are the highlights of the 18th edition of the KLANGSPUREN Festival of Contemporary Music. 

KLANGSPUREN’s focus on education and advanced training is demonstrated in an exemplary way through its long-standing cooperation with the Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt. The continued interest (well over 100 applications each year) of students from all over the world who come to participate in the International Ensemble Modern Academy shows that acquiring new knowledge and playing techniques and having the opportunity to actually meet and interact with great composers is tremendously important to these young and talented future musicians and composers devoted to contemporary music. This year as conductor and composer in residence George Benjamin, one of the most rigorous figures in the contemporary music scene, will lend the eighth edition of the International Ensemble Modern Academy, which will again take place at the Grillhof near Innsbruck, his powerful and unmistakable character.

8th–24th September 2011
Schwaz Tirol, Austria

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