Katja Stockhausen as Pinocchio, Schlosstheater Moers, 2010


Auf dem Dach – Music Theater by Stephan Froleyks

indieOper! e.V.

Musical theater offers children and young people a unique realm of experience for creative and imaginative activities: the medium of musical theater is unique in combing song, text/speech, movement, stage and fine art in a holistic aesthetic process which challenges and promotes sensual-emotional, cognitive and motor perception and expression. The association indieOper! e.V. has made it its task to develop musical theater works for children as well as accompanying music theater educational material and projects. An artistic team is writing a new opera for children and young people and is preparing a professional performance in cooperation with a theater. In parallel with this music theater teachers will be collaborating with schools training teachers in practical, scenic and musical application as multipliers. The material developed by the pedagogical team can be used in music, German, handicraft and multidisciplinary lessons. The EvS Music Foundation is funding the composition commission for the children’s opera Auf dem Dach (On the Roof) issued to the composer Stephan Froleyks. The project will be held amongst others in Esslingen, Freiburg, Augsburg and Bielefeld and schools and music academies throughout Germany will be involved.


June 2012



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