Cinello – Concerts for Infants aged 1 to 3

Grazer Spielstätten GmbH, Graz, Austria

With Cinello the youth ensemble Jeunesse Österreich and Graz music venues  operator Grazer Spielstätten offers a new interactive concert series for infants aged 1 to 3. Cinello allows children and parents to submerge into an enjoyable and sensual environment where children are integrated into the musical proceedings. The interactive concert setting promotes intense artistic experiences where children and parents meet each other in a musical environment.

Infants experience the world with all their senses. Inquisitive, open and eager to discover and experiment, they interact with their environment and perceive their surroundings and thereby also the arts in a holistic manner. This is why music, movement, voice and touch as well as visual impressions form an integral part of the concert proceedings aimed at prompting children and their parents to marvel together in awe at the musical world. The point of departure for the musical stories here is a fairy that lives in a delightful meadow with lots of colorful, scented flowers. The encounter with the musicians and their skills makes the flowers thrive and grow to become even more lush so that the fairy’s flower meadow is the sweetest-smelling, most beautiful meadow all around where you can roll in its soft grass to your heart’s content. The mood of the new concert series Cinello is very much attuned to children. The program allows children and parents to join in if they wish or just watch and submerge themselves in the musical-sensual space. Quality time for parents and their infants and a joint sensual experience with live music in a pleasant concert context are at the forefront here. A place to park prams/pushchairs, baby-changing facilities and nursing areas are available. New Music plays a primary role in the new concert format supported by the EvS Music Foundation. 


November 2010 ‑ May 2011

Theater Spielraum, Vienna, Austria

Orpheum and Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria

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