Carte Blanche – Clarinet Festival

Förderverein Temnitzkirche e.V.

The Temnitzkirche, a church dating from the first half of the 19th century, provides an ideal and unusual performance venue for chamber music. The Vier Jahreszeiten series (Four Seasons) held for the second time now this year will be performed at the church (used largely as a performance venue since the 90s) providing chamber music delights in spring, summer, fall and winter. 

This year the festival Carte Blanche creates a new focus: New Music. Clarinettists from throughout Europe come together at a retreat in the Ostprignitz area near Berlin to develop a concert program in workshops together with percussionists. Performances are also to have their place in the program. To this end the EvS Music Foundation is also issuing commission compositions to Peter F. Marino and Mark Moebius. 

Carte Blanche does justice to its title by wishing to tap into an “untouched” and “fresh” audience for New Music. At the same time, the international spread of the participating artists and cited composers is an indication of the global interest taken in New Music. 


June 11th / 12th 2011

Temnitzkirche Netzeband


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