Composition Commissions issued to Georges Aperghis and Pierluigi Billone

Talea Ensemble, New York

The musicians of the Talea Ensemble from New York’s Bronx see themselves as explorers and adventurers making it their task to bring to the stage work never or rarely seen in the USA. To this end portrait concert programs are planned over the next three years: with the support of the EvS Music Foundation the Talea Ensemble will be issuing composition commissions, amongst others to Georges Aperghis and Pierluigi Billone. The programs will be supplemented by other pieces by the relevant composer presented. Beyond this each composer will present their own music in New York in lecture recitals, workshops, readings and discussions thereby facilitating encounters between European New Music and the American audience, which are otherwise so rare. Held as a high point to each composer’s stay in the US will be a musical retrospective. In close collaboration with each guest composer the ensemble will select pieces here that seem suitable for representing their overall body of work. 


world premiere Billone, July 16, 2012, Internationale Ferienkurse Darmstadt, Orangerie
world premiere Aperghis, October 2013 

New York City, USA


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