Composition Commissions issued to Wilfried Hiller

Gasteig Kulturstiftung, Munich

In Spring 2011 the City of Munich will be honoring the man and composer Wilfried Hiller on his 70th birthday. With the support of the EvS Music Foundation, the cultural foundation Gasteig Kulturstiftung commissioned Hiller with three debut concerts to mark the occasion: For Ischäm-Aias text fragments by the ancient dramatists Sophocles und Aeschylus will provide the basis for a Japanese bunraku recital. Ophelias Schattentheater, the story of Fräulein Ophelia, whose voice seems too weak for a big theater career, was developed from a text by Michael Ende with whom Wilfried Hiller regularly worked. 88 Sternenbilder für 88 Tasten des Klaviers (88 Constellations for 88 Piano Keys) literally has an astronomical basis: the night sky itself. Hiller the composer once noticed that the northern and southern night sky has 88 constellations – as many as the piano has keys. A sparkling trigger for Hiller’s “Sternenkompositionen” (Star Compositions). 


March 23rd and 30th, April 6th and 17th 2011

Gasteig Munich


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