Klangräume – Wandering Concerts through Kloster Hegne on Lake Constance

Kloster Hegne, Allensbach

A musical tour through the cloistered rooms of Kloster Hegne on Lake Constance has been held already since 2007. The space is more than just a venue for the wandering concerts: the church, crypt and chapel of the cloisters are to provide inspiration or indeed be made to resound and speak themselves. Over the course of the evening the works of various composers are performed at different sacred locations – in 2011 it will be György Kurtág, Iannis Xenakis, Bach and Palestrina. Furthermore, Spaniard José-Maria Sánchez-Verdú will be invited for the first time as a composer-in-residence to write a piece very much in tune with the demands, requirements and possibilities of the cloisters. The composition commissioned by the EvS Music Foundation as part of Klangräume will be performed for the first time in the crypt in 2011. This “strolling” set to music, this change in place and location, is aimed at focusing within the concerts on the essentials of the evening – music and the very special location. In addition, Kloster Hegne will also be organizing a panel discussion with Sanchez-Verdú and the participating artists on the topic of “Silence and Sound”.


November 27th 2011

Kloster Hegne, Allensbach


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