Listening Workshop at Ernen Music Village – Composition Commission issued to Alfred Zimmerlin

Verein Musikdorf Ernen

At the focus of the 2011 listening workshop at Musikdorf Ernen (famous far beyond the Swiss border for its piano and Baroque music weeks) will be another contemporary composer in the form of Alfred Zimmerlin. Leading this year’s workshop Zimmerlin will be rehearsing a new work with a chamber music ensemble and then performing it to the audience. In this collaboration the composer and musicians wish, amongst other things, to explore the relationship between artistic license of the performers when dealing with a contemporary piece of work – and conversely – how much influence a composer can and may have on his own work when rehearsing together. In its listening workshop the Musikdorf wishes to focus its commitment on contemporary music and make it possible for both professional musicians and amateurs to take a behind-the-scenes view of the music business. 

August 28th to September 2nd 2011
Ernen, Switzerland

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