"Netzwerk – Madrigal"

KlangForum Heidelberg

Spread over three years the "Netzwerk – Madrigal" project was designed to convey the madrigal artistry of the Italian Renaissance through diverse correlations and connections with our present day. Over a total of five concert evenings the project explicitly factors in the structural problem facing any concert performance of madrigals (madrigal forms) – namely the risk of fatigue due to the line-up of highly concentrated and dramatic forms lasting just three to five minutes each. KlangForum Heidelberg was able to issue a total of eleven composition commissions with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. Here renowned composers such as Mark Andre, Stefano Gervasoni, Nigel Osborne, Steffen Schleiermacher and Christian Utz were invited to use interlinking pre, inter or postludes to incorporate different madrigals and, where necessary, to integrate the musical material of the madrigals in their own compositions while still creating references on the text/content level. 

25th September and 22th October 2011 Heidelberg

24. Oktober 2011 Mailand    

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