Docu-Concert Series

Ensemble Alternance, Paris In 2011 Paris-based Ensemble Alternance will be organizing a series of hybrid docu-concert programs. Here films on leading figures in contemporary music of the 20th century like Helmut Lachenmann, Iannis Xenakis, Luigi Nono or John Cage will be screened acting, as it were, as an introduction to the new works of the younger generation like Mark Andre or Raphaël Cendo played in the second half. The films produced in the 60s in Berlin under the direction of musicologist Heinz-Hans Stuckenschmidt at the University of Science and Technology will also be presented in an introduction by Katrin Rabus, formerly in charge of the contemporary music section at ARTE. The program planned by Ensemble Alternance promises interesting encounters - for instance, the film about Helmut Lachenmann followed by works by Mark Andre. The EvS Music Foundation is funding three concerts in the film-concert series in which a film by Iannis Xenakis will be followed by the Ensemble Alternance’s performance of a new work by Raphaël Cendo where the latter makes special reference to Xenaki’s music. May 28th 2011 Modern Art Museum, Le Havre, France May 2011 Heine Foundation Paris, France December 2011 Tonhalle Düsseldorf Further Information: