Ernst Krenek Re-Discovered - Second Symphonic Music

Ensemble risonanze erranti, Munich

Munich’s newly founded ensemble risonanze erranti is dedicated to original roots: its musicians play vocal and instrumental music of the 20th and 21st century as well as German and Italian music of the 17th century, in each case on a body of instruments authentic to the era. In October 2011 the ensemble, conducted by Peter Tilling, will perform Ernst Krenek’s 2nd Symphonic Music with the support of the EvS Music Foundation – work that was debuted in 1923 at the Berliner Singakademie but was never published by the composer and therefore never played again. It is a work full of explosive force with clear references to Mahler and Bruckner and, presciently, to Ligeti. The composition is compared to the 1st Symphonic Music as well as works by Herbert Eimert, Morton Feldman and Jens Joneleit. Points of reference to issues current at their time of genesis such as expressionism, linearity and motif-based composition are thus discernible. 


October 25th 2011

Museum Brandhorst, Munich


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