Oskar Serti attends a Concert. Why?

Netzzeit, Vienna

Why a concert? And why at the concert hall? Both these concepts – concert and concert hall – are to be questioned and discussed in the project Oskar Serti geht ins Konzert. Warum?. Over the course of a seven-hour dramatic concert for large ensemble and concert-hall personnel a series of concerts, installations and dialogues are to be performed in a range of halls, break rooms, buffets and cloakrooms. The story is told of two fictitious artists – the author Oskar Serti and pianist Catherine de Sélys who are figures invented by the Belgian artist Patrick Corillon. As part of the concert evening supported by the EvS Music Foundation numerous instruments from the “Serti Collection” will be played once again – a collection of instruments used in some of the most important premieres by great composers in the first half of the 20thcentury.

November 5th/ 6th and 27th 2011
Vienna and Luxembourg

December 28th 2011

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