Seventh International Conference on Music since 1900

University of Lancaster

Held every two years the summer 2011 conference will now be the event’s seventh edition. Devoted to such focal themes as contemporary and electroacoustic music and featuring lectures by top musicologists from the USA and Canada, the conference is also to include a concert featuring young and new works. The program will include pieces by Paul Archbold, Roger Redgate, Edwin Roxburgh, David Gorton and Diana Salazar performed by the RedArch Duo. The concert supported by EvS Music Foundation is aimed not only at exploring the relationship between the instrument and performer, the performer and the laptop and the laptop and the instrument but also between two performers on stage. Alongside the noted works the audience will also be able to enjoy improvisations that will form part of the concert. Furthermore, an oboe newly developed in London will be used offering musicians and composers a whole range of new technical options in the future. The concert will be supplemented by two panel discussions.

July 28th to 31st 2011
University of Lancaster, Great Britain