“visible music” – Five Staged Concerts

Ensemble Mosaik, Berlin

With the concert series sichtbare Musik Ensemble Mosaik focalizes the visual aspect of live music. Every concert experience is marked by the concentrated presence of the musicians, their physical involvement in sound production, the body of instruments as well as the specific spatial parameters. In the concert series sichtbare Musikcomposers’ works are performed that accord special importance to the visual context of live music, consciously incorporating this. Each of the five concerts opens up a special perspective on music to listeners and viewers. Performance, instruments built by the musicians themselves, “chanced upon sound material”, light and images or space and the audience themselves play a central role here. Everything extending beyond the acoustic level is managed professionally: for each of the concerts funded by the EvS Music Foundation a different director will be commissioned to stage the visual aspects of contemporary music. Following each concert there will be an opportunity for the musicians and the audience to exchange ideas about their experiences of the audio-visual production. The sichtbare Musik project sees itself as a research series into the “concert” itself as an art form.


12th December 2011

Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei Berlin


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