Festival Aspects des Musiques d`Aujourd`hui

Orchestre de Caen

Already since 1982 the festival Aspects des Musiques d’Aujourd’hui of the Orchestre de Caen has been promoting contemporary music with concerts, workshops, seminars and master classes, consciously extending the repertoire of the orchestra. Every year sees a series of contemporary music concerts being performed alongside exhibitions, seminars, workshops and lecture recitals with composers. An honorary guest at the EvS Music Foundation sponsored event Aspects des Musiques d’Aujourd’hui 2011 will be Finnish national Kaija Saariaho. In her work the composer bridges the gap between Finland and France. Furthermore, a work by the winner of the Appassionato Awards for young composers, Florent Motsch-Etienne, will be premiered. Alongside the Orchestre de Caen hosts, the line-up here includes Les Jeunes Solistes and the Ardeo String Quartet.


March 31st to April 10th 2011

Caen, France


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