L’arsenale 2011 – New Music in Treviso

L’arsenale APS, Treviso, Italy

For two months – in June and November 2011 – the festival L’arsenale in Treviso featuring a series of concerts and workshops casts a glance beyond national and established genre delineations. Young international artists and performers are invited to concerts, discussions and collaborative work, not least also to close the gap between composition and performance.

With the support of the EvS Music Foundation 2011 will not only see two concerts featuring the ensemble l’Itinéraire from Strassbourg, the ECCE Ensemble from Boston and the MDI from Milan as well as a cooperation with video artist Lillevan but also a workshop and a concert featuring the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. Beyond this lectures will be held featuring Emilio Pomarico and Helmut Lachenmann. As in the past, three concerts are to be held at transit or “non-locations” such as a railway station, a supermarket or an airport. Presenting the music outside conventional venues is aimed at both accessing a new audience but also at coaxing new qualities out of these non-locations.


June and November 2011

Treviso, Italy


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