Berührungen. Über das (Nicht-)Verstehen von Neuer Musik

Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung e.V., Darmstadt

Darmstadt’s institute for New Music and music education Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung Darmstadt is an institution unique worldwide that explores New Music and promotes it in education. Berührungen. Über das (Nicht-)Verstehen von Neuer Musik (Contacts. On (Not) Understanding New Music) is the title of the 65th Spring Conference from April 27th to 30th 2011 funded by the EvS Music Foundation. Featuring lectures, workshops and concerts the conference sees itself as an open and unbiased discussion forum broaching a tricky theme. Organizers are guided by the conviction that no answer to the question of understanding New Music can be suitable here that is aimed at merely facilitating easier reception of this music. Much more the question here should always be directed at composers and their work – for this question is inseparably linked to a form of music which, by its very nature, does not wish to remain in prescribed reception channels. A form of music that continually questions the acts of perception and understanding related to it and one which partly in fact also hones in on this as a theme. Guests here include Siegfried Mauser, Dieter Mersch, Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich, Markus Hechtle, Tristan Murail and Matthias Spahlinger. The concerts are co-organized by the Ensemble Modern.


April 27th–30th 2011

Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstadt


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