Fortschritt, was ist das?

Carl Maria von Weber Music Academy, Dresden

Since the summer semester of 2009 the composition and music theory department has led a four-year research project whose aim might be summed up as reviving a philosophy of New Music. Also to be focused upon here are music-sociological aspects of the music business and of the composers’ working conditions associated with it, of the career profile of creative musicians disassociating themselves from this, and of such aspects as, for instance, interculturalism and composition today. However, the central approach is to reflect on the main aesthetic designs of the 20th century and ultimately also of the present, those of the 21st century, on whose basis composition today is based or not, as is the case with the post-modern. On this basis Ernst Helmuth Flammer and Lydia Weißgerber will publish individual text contributions in a four-volume blueprint for Philosophie der Musik des 21. Jahrhunderts (Philosophy of Music of the 21st Century). The text contributions by all authors are coordinated by the editorial board in close consultation with the guest authors and these texts are interrelated in terms of content i.e. they constitute an on-going, theme-related continuum rather than a loose collection of essays, thereby forming into a joint project of coherent and related works. One CD is planned to appear per volume featuring examples of music. The EvS Music Foundation is funding the publication of the first volume in the series entitled Fortschritt, was ist das? (Progress, What’s That?) featuring contributions from the likes of Reiko Füting, New York, Claus Steffen Mahnkopf, Freiburg im Breisgau, Dr. Charlotte Seither, Bonn and Bremen. 

January 2012
Dresden and Hofheim

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