Ritual of the Super Formula

Stowarzyszenie im Stanislawa Brozowskiego

Monika Pasiecznik’s monography is an intense exploration of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s opera cycle LICHT. Die sieben Tage der Woche. It is based on the author’s doctoral thesis honored by the Breslau Music Academy.The volume approaches Stockhausen and his work from different perspectives: a theoretical, historico-musical one, an aesthetic one and a theater-science one. The publication funded by the EvS Music Foundation consists of a total of four parts. The first aims to introduce Stockhausen’s music. An exploration of his philosophy and aesthetics follows as well as a detailed analysis of LICHT. Finally, the fourth part is devoted to opera as a musical genre as represented in Stockhausen’s cycle. An excerpt from the publication is already being prepared for publication in MusikTexte.

Summer/Fall 2011
Warsaw, Poland

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