Young Russian Avantgarde

Positionen. Texte zur aktuellen Musik

Under the specific political and cultural conditions prevailing in Russia a generation of young composers grew up whose music follows independent aesthetics – radically avantgarde, exciting and innovative. Amongst others these composers include Boris Filanowski, Sergej Newski, Vadim Karassikov, Dimitri Kourliandski and Alexej Sioumak. In its August issue the magazine Positionen. Texte zur aktuellen Musik aims to introduce its readers to this music scene. The perspective taken here is not intended to be a western European one. Instead, the authors are to be Russian composers and musicologists themselves. The focus of this issue is to be on self-portraits by young composers on their aestheto-compositional stances. The issue also features numerous composer portraits, an article on the concert and festival scene in Moscow Theremin Center for Experimental Music as well as work presentations. The EvS Music Foundation is funding publication of the magazine. 

August 2011 

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