Composer Collider

musikFabrik Landesensemble NRW e.V., Cologne, Germany

The title Composer Collider is a reference to the Hadron Collider at the European nuclear research center CERN – an experimental configuration of top-class research which gains insights into elementary particles accelerated virtually to the speed of light providing impulses for further research. The central objectives of the Composer Collider are to bring together, research and promote compositional energy.
With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation the ensemble musikFabrik hosts composition classes with its professors where the ensemble – together with the composers – rehearses these composers’ works. Young composers gain their qualifications by learning from the wealth of experience of the ensemble musikFabrik (playing techniques, notation and rehearsal organization, sound mixing) and through joint aesthetic discussion. They exchange ideas and broaden their experience through the project in the historically grown structure of the composition classes. They come into contact with a key ensemble for New Music and can start building up their network. Recordings from the projects provide the basis for high-quality demo material which makes it easier for composers to enter the working world.

December 13th – 17th 2012 
musikFabrik, Cologne

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