IEMA: Workshop with Unsuk Chin 2012

Verein Transart, Eppan, Italy 

The TRANSART festival was founded 11 years ago with the aim of creating an open platform for New Music in South Tyrol/Italy, a region whose contemporary art scene is far more developed than its New Music scene. At TRANSART New Music was and is primarily conveyed in an interplay with other genres like dance, video and performing arts. As a key festival for contemporary culture TRANSART wishes in future to develop new formats for conveying and enjoying MUSIC AND YOUTH CULTURE. 
On the basis of the collaboration with the North Tyrol partner festival KLANGSPUREN in Austria initiated from the very outset, for the 12th edition of TRANSART a two-day workshop with a concluding portrait concert on Unsuk Chin is planned with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. In a selection process coordinated by the Ensemble Modern approx. 35 young and highly talented musicians from throughout the world will be selected to participate in the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) as part of KLANGSPUREN 2012. In a ten-day academy project at KLANGSPUREN both key compositions by Unsuk Chin herself and key works from the composer’s artistic career will be elaborated together with the Korean composer alongside other works. In a two-day workshop at the TRANSART festival the individual compositions of the musicians will be examined and illustrated for students from the Trento and Bolzano conservatories under the guidance of the composer Unsuk Chin; for the students this is a unique opportunity to experience key composition personalities and their stances at close hand. The portrait concert will be held in the form of the new TRANSART Rent a musician format: 20 so-called mini concerts with line-ups from soloists to septets can be booked by the TRANSART audience for their own living rooms. 

September 10th to 22nd 2012 
Trento and Bolzano

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