Komponistenstudio - Ensemble Modern

Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt, Germany

In 2012 the Ensemble Modern will be calling a new forum into being with the support of young composers. Over the course of the projects and collaborations of the past few years and decades great deficits have come to light in terms of nurturing talented young composers during their training: these composers lack opportunities for having their own works adequately performed during and right after their studies and for exploring and further developing the actual experience of the tonal result of their work through this. The Komponistenstudio or Composers’ Studio is to address this shortfall. A biennial three-day workshop is aimed at giving up to 12 composers the chance to hear one of their works performed adequately. A semi rehearsal will be devoted to each work during which the work will be rehearsed and then recorded; the Ensemble Modern will be at the disposal of the selected composers in its full line-up. On each day there will be a follow-up discussion and on the last day a final round up; subsequent public performances are not initially planned though not ruled out in principal. In each case the Ensemble Modern will invite an experienced conductor/composer to run the Komponistenstudio. All participants will be present throughout the entire workshop thereby gathering key inspiration through their contact with other composers and their works. The Komponistenstudio is aimed at young composers at an important crossroads in their careers offering them easy access to feedback from the performer. Composers are chosen by an independent jury of three judges including, where possible, the person leading the workshop.

May 2012

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