VII TDM International Academy

Trío De Magia, Spain

TDM International Academy nurtures the instrumental improvement of saxophone, percussion and piano, not only for each individual participant but as an integral formation of students through the alternation of master-class with talks, lectures, chamber music work, preparing for concerts and new approaches to current proposals. Thus, participants are looking for a relationship that transcends beyond their own specialty and instrumental work. The Academy also invites renowned contemporary composers to work with students who will be the future interpreters of their works. This results in concerts with premieres of the invited composers’ works. Several national and world premieres of composers such as Mauricio Sotelo, Pierre Jodlowski, César Camarero, Philippe Hurel, Ivo Malec, Martin Matalon, Aureliano Cattaneo, José Luis Tora, Hector Parra, Jesus Torres, Voro García and José Manuel López, certify the commitment of today's composers in this Academy and its artistic work, which is supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

November, 30th - December, 2nd 
Sueca, Valencia

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