Zeitgenössische Kammermusik

Herrenhaus Edenkoben e.V., Germany

Since 1997 Herrenhaus Edenkoben has issued six five-month grants per year to artists in the field of literature, music and fine art. The free month between the grants is used for musical or literary workshops. Beyond the grants the artists also have the opportunity to present their works on site and at other locations. Since 1997 a total of 28 composers, selected by Peter Eötvös, have worked at Herrenhaus Edenkoben. In addition to this 1998, 2002, 2005 and 2009 saw the holding here of summer workshops for conductors and composers headed by Peter Eötvös / Johannes Kalitzke with Bernhard Wambach. In future the grant recipients will also be chosen by Wolfgang Rihm. Those composers invited for 2012 and 2013 are Birke Bertelsmeier, Ying Wang and Yagoda Szmytka. In future it is intended for the grant recipients to not only work at the Herrenhaus but for their works to be studied by top ensembles like the Ensemble Aventure, the Ensemble Modern and the Arditti Quartet and performed there (or elsewhere). 

Herrenhaus Edenkoben

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