Notations - An education project for contemporary piano music

Klavier-Festival Ruhr, Essen, Germany

With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation 2012 sees the  Ruhr piano event Klavier-Festival Ruhr continue its series promoting the appreciation of contemporary piano music with a project on Pierre Boulez’ piano collection “Douze Notations”. Under the guidance of pianist Tamara Stefanovich and other artists piano students, primary and secondary schoolchildren and students will explore Boulez’ music in a creative way through various modules – each against the backdrop of their differing groundings, abilities and interests. The aim of this modular approach is to explore different formats and methods of tackling one and the same piece of work. The results of the different modules will be presented to the public at the Klavier-Festival Ruhr 2012. Furthermore, interactive Internet resources will be developed giving teachers, music tutors and other interested individuals a wide range of ideas aimed at allowing them to carry out similar projects themselves. 

January – Summer 2012 
Participating Music Academies, Schools and Universities

June 1, 2012
Haus Fuhr, Essen