Composition Commission issued to Claus Kühnl

Bayerisches Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau e.V., Germany

Stored at the Franconian folk music research archives in Uffenheim (Middle Franconia) are manuscripts and transcriptions from bequests, abandoned rectories and private archives in Franconia. This material is to be used to produce arrangements for chamber orchestra. In a total of three concert projects this music is to be combined with works by Joseph Martin Krauss, Johann Pachelbel and other Franconian Old Masters. Furthermore, a composition commission has been issued to Claus Kühnl to be supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. Two new works are to be written: firstly, Claus Kühnl wishes to write an arrangement where he will instrumentalize notes from the chamber orchestra’s archive; secondly, a work is to be composed displaying the personal signature style of the composer Claus Kühnl.

May 19th 2012 Premiere
König-Ludwig-I Saal, Bad Brückenau

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