Composition Commission issued to Karlheinz Essl


The Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada

The work of Viennese composer Karlheinz Essl is steeped in the language of serialism and occupies a specific facet of contemporary classical music. His aesthetics address the lineage of the Second Viennese School, while bringing it into today’s society through his use of computer-generated soundscapes. With the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Essl will create a new composition for the Toronto-based junctQín keyboard collective. The ensemble, founded by the pianists Elaine Lau, Joseph Ferretti, and Stephanie Chua, concentrates on contemporary music for all kinds of keyboards.

Essl’s composition “juncTions” will feature one pianist at the keyboard, one playing the inside of the piano, and one controlling live electronics with two foot pedals and eight faders on a MIDI controller. It is a fitting finish because Essl will hand over the electronic reigns to junctQín.

World premiere: February 17, 2012
The Music Gallery, Toronto

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