Composition Commission issued to Sarah Nemtsov

Jesus-Bruderschaft Kloster Volkenroda e.V., Germany

“Pasar una calle – eine musikalische Wanderschaft” is an idea and initiative from various artists from different disciplines along with those in charge at the cloister Kloster Volkenroda who wish in this way to open up this unique space for contemporary art. Inspired by the centuries-old character of Kloster Volkenroda as a place of pilgrimage the idea was born to explore the special features of the cloister in artistic terms drawing from the concept of pasar una calle (follow a path).
The title pasar una calle not only serves as a guiding light for the festival’s content and program but also as its shaping principle. The presentation of the works will take the form of a path followed by both the artists and visitors – in both content and geographic terms – where the artistic performances are integrated into selected venues as “stations” on the path. The concept of a musical pilgrimage of this kind plans to reflect in various artistic forms of expression (music, dance, performance, fine art) the manifold thematic dimensions of the pilgrimage phenomenon that is seeing a renaissance in our day and age and which has injected new life into Volkenroda since its reconstruction in the 90s. A central part of the festival program will be the premiere of a composition commission issued to the composer Sarah Nemtsov. Sarah Nemtsov is to be given the chance to include in this work all those artists involved in the festival – an ensemble of ten musicians, up to eight actors as well as young dancers. The composition commission will be supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Premiere: August 31st 2013
Kloster Volkenroda

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