„Headspace in the City“ – Composition Commision issued to Nigel Osborne

Guildhall Yard, City of London, Great Britain

For the 50th anniversary of the City of London Festival in 2012 Nigel Osborne will create a new piece for the Headspace Ensemble and thus contribute to this year’s focus on “music and disability”. Nigel Osborne is a pioneer in the field of music-making with disabled people, not only in terms of composing but also in developing new instruments for musicians with special needs. “Headspace in the City” is aimed to last 45 minutes and will be a diptych piece – one part focussing on the professional artists of Headspace Ensemble, the other using the more expanded forces of Headspace Ensemble joined by the Guildhall School Brass Ensemble and the Richard Cloudesley School. The piece will be featuring the newly developed instrument “Headspace”, played by professional musician Clarence Adoo using a laptop and air pressure controlled by his breath.

Premiere: July 6th, 2012
Guildhall Yard, City of London, Great Britain

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