fgnm - Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, Germany

With its new concert series FERNBEZIEHUNG Frankfurt’s New Music society Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (fgnm) is to continue its successful concept of presenting topical trends in contemporary music in cooperation with the Instituto Cervantes. The FERNBEZIEHUNG series (literally Long-Distance Relationship) picks up on Frankfurt’s position as a worldwide hub. In ten multi-line-up concerts various aspects of relationships are to be illuminated: the international nature of the contributions and the links with the region, the different inter-relationships of the concert projects and the special working relationships between the protagonists on each of the evenings. Here the series consciously reflects what concepts like proximity and distance and the familiar and the unfamiliar mean on a musical level in these times of globalization and worldwide media networking. Two of the concerts (which are free like all of the fgnm’s concerts) will be held in the garden of the Instituto Cervantes which borders on a public park thereby offering free access to New Music for a wider audience. 

January to December 2012 
Instituto Cervantes, Frankfurt

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