Hypermusic Prologue

Zafraan Ensemble, Berlin, Germany

Beauty, intuition, elegance and the inner quest for perfection are cultural values shared by the fields of artistic creativity and scientific research allowing a direct form of communication between scientists and artists who both like to create universes. The libretto of the opera Hypermusic Prologue by Hèctor Parra comes from Lisa Randell who managed in her book Warped Passages to make the concept of five-dimensional hyperspace more generally accessible. The opera is about a female scientist and composer (the soprano) who faces a conflict between her love of a real partner (the baritone) and her passion for theoretical physics. As the work progresses she embarks upon a journey into the five-dimensional hyperspace while he remains bound to our normal space-time continuum. 
Berlin’s young, professional Zafraan Ensemble is dedicated to New Music and will, with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, be performing the German début of Hèctor Parra’s opera Hypermusic Prologue in October 2012. The production will take the form of collaborations with the Komische Oper Berlin and students of conducting studies at Berlin’s “Hanns Eisler” Academy of Music and of stage design at Berlin’s University of the Arts. The performances will be held as part of the so-called “K.O.-Projekte”, a collaboration between the Komische Oper and the HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) theater and performance center. Introductory events are also planned in collaboration with Hèctor Parra so as to ensure the audience “simplified access to the hyper-dimensional space”.

4., 5. and 6. October 2013 
Sophiensaele, Berlin

16., 17. and 18. October 2013
Gare du Nord, Basel

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