Im Profil: Wolfgang Rihm

Europäische Festwochen Passau e.V., Germany

The concert series “Im Profil: Wolfgang Rihm” is to be held in honor of the composer Wolfgang Rihm. Like the Europäische Wochen festival in Passau, Rihm also celebrated his 60th birthday in 2012. As part of this concert series works by the composer will be presented on two concert evenings and will, in part, be contrasted in a historic reflection with Robert Schumann’s “Lieder”. In a juxtaposition and exploration of Rihm’s work “Über-Schrift” for two pianos, the composer will write a piece of work with the working title “Janus” whose point of departure is described by the composer as follows: “With some pieces it is the idea of a particular playing method that comes first: with two pianos we have become accustomed to seeing the pianists facing or sometimes alongside one another, each at their own piano. However, what if the pianists sat between the two pianos, back to back, their hands on the keyboards at the same time? With the back of their heads facing each other like an embodiment of the ancient Roman god Janus – honored to this day through his name which provides the inspiration for the month of “January”.” The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is lending its support for this composition commission.

July 20 and 21, 2012
Straubing and Passau

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