L’arsenale 2012 – New Music in Treviso

L'arsenale APS, Treviso, Italy

Since the foundation of the ensemble, L'arsenale has supported the writing and spreading of new music and helped establish a lot of young composers and performers. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the festival in 2012. The aims of L'arsenale 2012 are to promote new music, new collaborations with national and international artists and institutions, new educational projects and laboratories, new non-places, concerts and installations. In addition, musical exchange is promoted by inviting artists and groups of undisputed international reputation to conduct different workshops and lectures. This year the young performers and ensembles include Quartet Maurice, Anna D’Errico, Luca leracitano, Lanterna Rossa, Duo Torquati-Dillon, Barbara Misiewicz, Momir Novakovic, Marco Fusi and Bodysnatchers. All of these musicians have already vast experience in the contemporary music field, collaborating both with young and established composers. The ensemble L’arsenale will also collaborate with guest conductors and musicians as: Marco Angius, Elena Casoli, Christopher McIntyre, Roberto Balconi.

November 2012

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