Musica nova Helsinki 2013 - Orient-Occident

Musica nova, Helsinki, Finland

Musica nova Helsinki will 2013 for the first time take place in the Music Center in Helsinki. The festival will present music and interdisciplinary work in more than 25 events, ranging from orchestra concerts, chamber recitals and club events in alternative spaces. Atlas Ensemble will be the main international guest and also ensemble in residence for the opening weekend. Atlas will present concerts with intercultural compositions by Stefano Bellon, Artjom Kim, Fabio Nieder, Joel Bons, Christopher Trapani to mention a few. In addition they will collaborate with Experimetalstudio SWR on pieces taking usage of live-electronics and recreating with their ensemble pieces by James Tenney, possibly Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the residence of the Atlas Academy during Musica nova Helsinki 2013.

8-16th of February, 2013
Helsinki, Finland

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