New Music and Aesthetics, Vol. 8


Gesellschaft für Musik und Ästhetik, Horben, Germany

The Gesellschaft für Musik und Ästhetik is a music and aesthetics society grouping together artists and scholars. It sees itself as a project which attempts to mediate between music and its position or rather function in culture, society and science. It acts in the fields of musical analysis, aesthetics, philosophy, arts, culture and social sciences and of musical life. Since 2002 the society has published the English-language book series “New Music and Aesthetics in the 21st Century”, seven volumes of which have appeared until now. The 8th volume in the series to be published in 2012 by the Wolke Verlag with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation deals with the category of musical material. This also seems to be relevant again on two counts: firstly, the progress made in musical technology in combination with the digital revolution has increased the possibilities for manipulating the material exponentially. Secondly, the exhaustion of the Post Modern Age has given rise to a new way of dealing with foreign material. The contributions focalize these two aspects and provide insights into musical??? production of the immediate present. Participating composers include Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Bernhard Gander, Wolfram Schurig and Daniel Biro.

Wolke Verlag, Hofheim

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