Video Documentation of Jonathan Harveys string quartett no. 4

Institute of Musical Research, University of London, UK

Jonathan Harvey’s String Quartet No. 4 is a major work, bringing together his development of virtuoso string music with his examination and transformation of instrumental colour employing computer technology. The documentary, initiated by the Institute of Musical Research at the University of London and supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, is designed as a pedagogical resource. It aims to demonstrate the instrumental techniques required to create the novel sounds, to examine the transformation processes employed by the live electronics, and to explore the interaction between the performers.

Harvey’s composition will be performed by the Arditti Quartet, who also commissioned the work. The pedagogical resource will consist of a documentary, a complete performance of the work, interviews and accompanying documentation. It aims to assist performers in the preparation of complex contemporary music, stimulate composers in the creation of new sounds, and lead a general audience towards a deeper understanding of a significant work of contemporary music. The documentation will be made available free online.

January-June, 2012
Jerwood Hall, London, UK

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