• I ti hoćeš se volimo [Und du willst dass wir uns lieben] for soprano and accordion (WP: Valentina Coladonato and Teodoro Anzellotti; 26th July 2015, Hitzacker)
  • … mislio bi čovek: zvezde […würde man denken: Sterne] for accordion solo (WP: Teodoro Anzellotti; 24th April 2015, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik)
  • New work for violoncello and piano (WP: Francesco Dillon and Emanuele Torquati; October 2015, Biennale Musica Venice)
  • Rdja, for chamber ensemble (WP: Autumn 2015)


  • Phosphorescence for horn, trumpet and bass trombone, commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk/ musica viva (WP: 19th February 2015, Munich)
  • Sky Limited for string orchestra (WP: Münchener Kammerorchester, Alexander Liebreich, conductor; October 2014, Prinzregententheater Munich)
  • Kakva mi je to pa igra for voice and percussion (WP: Eloïse Labaume and Noam Bierstone; 15th January 2015, Paris)


  • ZAPIS for 12 percussionists (WP: Ensemble XII at Lucerne Festival, September 2013)
  • Mutni damari i kristalne kapi, u vrtlogu prvih senzacija hominida iz Male Balanice, for harp, piano, violin, and contrabass


  • trace (of darkness) for amplified ensemble [soprano, tenor sax, bass guitar, accordion, and 2 keyboards]
  • ... a vazduh je bio lepljiv [and the air was sticky] for violin, violoncello and contrabass


  • How to evade? for oboe and violin
  • Manje te u majke groze [one less horror for your mother] for soprano, bass clarinet, accodion, violin, viola and violoncello


  • Cinq réflexions, pièces pédagogiques pour quatuor à cordes 
  • Umeš li ti da laješ? ne-komunikacija za solo kontrabas ver. 2.1.1 [do you know how to bark? non-communication for solo contrabass ver. 2.1.1]
  • [Untitled] for ensemble
  • FAIL for violoncello and live electronic


  • Put belih kostiju [The journey of a weather-beaten skeleton] for symphony orchestra
  • ZID [WALL] for soprano, tenor, baritone and percussion
  • The Death of the Star-Knower, petrified echoes of an epitaph in a kicked crystal of time I & II for string quartet
  • through the broken water for amplified harpsichord


  • The Firefly in a Jar II for symphony orchestra
  • The Death of the Star-Knower, petrified echoes of an epitaph in a kicked crystal of time I, for string quartet


  • Svitac u tegli [The Firefly in a Jar] for chamber orchestra


  • u dnu kamena [in the bottom of a stone] for clarinet / bass clarinet, piano and string quintet
  • Pomen, improvisation on a flow of thougths from oblivion for violin solo
  • Opsena nigdine, minotaur ili šta? [The Mirage of Nowhere, Minotaur or What?] for soprano and big band


  • SIVO [GRAY] for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, viola and violoncello
  • Cyclops’ Complex, for piano, prepared piano and two percussionists
  • MUK [SILENCE] for baritone, violin and prepared piano


  • REM diptych for violin and prepared piano
  • Three Haiku for female voice, trumpet and piano
  • Trio for alto flute, double bass and piano


  • Suite for piano