if this then that and now what (2016)
for 4 actors and 18 musicians

Korpus  (2015)
for three Harry Partch-instruments and 7-8 players

Piano Concerto (2014)
for piano, sampler, orchestra and video

Buenos Aires  (2014)
music theatre in 5 scenes for 5 singers and 4 musicians

Mono (Autotune Study and Nachgesang) (2014)
for male voice, keyboard and electronics

Inszenierte Nacht (2013)
stagings of pieces by Bach, Schumann, Mozart and Ravel in collaboration with Ensemble Ascolta

Black Box Music (2012)
for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 players and video

String Quartet #2 (2012)
for strings with prepared and amplified bows

Im Rauschen (2012)
for piccolo flute (playable for non-flutist), flute and bass clarinet with intra-instrumental playback

History of My Instrument (2011)
for prepared harp and video

Study for String Instrument #3 (2011)
for cello and video

Double Up (2010)
for sampler and small orchestra

Ouvertures (2008/2010)
for amplified gu-zheng, sampler and orchestra

Study for String Instrument #2 (2009)
for one or more string instruments and whammy pedal

Run Time Error (2009-...)
video installation / performance

Self Simulator (2009)
"interactive installation"

Pretty Sound (Up And Down) (2008)
for amplified piano (pianist or percussion player)

Beloved Brother (2008)
two movements from J.S. Bach's Cappriccio on the departure of his dearly beloved brother arrangered for "backside-guitar"

On And Off And To And Fro (2008)
for vibraphone, saxophone/clarinet, double bass/cello and 3 players with megaphones

soundTAG (2008)
epidemic sound installation (room, street and web) in coorporation with Kaj Aune

Study for String Instrument #1 (2007)
for one or more string instruments

Nothing Integrated (2007)
for extremely amplified clarinet, percussion, cello and live-video

Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (prior In Her Frown) (2007)
for 2 or 4 amplified performers

In Spite Of, And Maybe Even Therefore (2007)
for amplified fl., horn, cl. + unamplified double bassoon, pno., perc. and db

Chambered Music (2007)
for 12 instruments and sampler

loloopop (2006)
audio/visual installation created in coorporation with visual artist Carl Krull

[sproglyd] (2005)
interactive webpage (for Norwegian and Danish words and phonemes + string quartet)

Within Amongst (2005)
anti-kadenza for amplified guitar solo

Amongst (2005)
concerto for extremely amplified guitar and large orchestra

Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides
pieces from the NTBB-series in virtual combinations, where the musicians play together with video recordings of themselves, playing with video recordings of themselves, and so on ...

Next To Beside Besides #1-13 (2003-06)
(+...) - amplified solo pieces that can also be played together as ensemble pieces  or movements in any combination of (cello,) doublebass (2 different pieces), saxophone, accordion (2 pieces), percussion (2 pieces), piccolo flute, violin, piano, guitar (2 pieces) and camera (perc.) ...

Amid (2004)
for flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, percussion, violin and cello (optional amplification)

Beside Besides (/Next To Beside Besides #0) (2003)
fragment for solo cello (optional amplification)

Besides (2003, revised 2010)
for amplified piano, violin and flute + "damped" string trio

Drownwords (2003)
for soprano and guitar, both amplified

rerendered (2003, revised 2004)
for pianist and two assistents (optional participating conductor, optional live video)

Split Point (2002)
for snaredrum, sandpaper and S (one player)

Spin-Off (2002)
for soprano saxophone, optional trompet, accordeon and double bass

Praesens (2001)
for 14 musicians

Electro Miniature (2001)
for tape

in-side-out-side-in (2001)
for guitar solo

De Profundis (2000)
for soprano saxophone (also playing percussion)

Impromptu (2000)
for english horn, bass clarinet, bassoon and baryton saxophone

String Quartet  (1999)

Punctus Contra Punctum (1999)
for organ

Polaroid  (1999)
a saxophone collage for the short movie Polaroid (for tape)

Sinfonietta Variations (1999)
for sinfonietta and saxophone

Aurora Ritual (1999)
for orchestra

Study (1999)
for Saxophone and Percussion

4 Petitesses (1998)
for solo cello

Suite (1998)
for Ensemble