(Barcelona 1975)

Having already completed degrees in Chemical Engineering and Music, Saladrigues decided to make the latter his primary focus of attention. This resulted in subsequent periods of study with various composers including Josep Soler, Luis Naón, Horacio Vaggione, José Manuel López López, Yan Maresz, Michael Jarrell and Ivan Fedele. This was supported by grants from institutions such as the Fundació La Caixa, Fundación Caja Madrid, Academia Española en Roma, and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

His compositions centre heavily on the ideas of regularity and irregularity, interference, interruption and superposition, using time and – more specifically – the perception of time as a focal point: experimenting on how those phenomena can be used to guide and manipulate sound, whether that is in order to reinforce pre-existing parameters or to place them in juxtaposition or even conflict with each other.

Since 2013, Saladrigues has lived in Paris, teaching at the CNSMDP (class of 'New Technologies applied to Composition') whilst undertaking other international engagements such as his role as Artistic Co-director for Festival Mixtur in Barcelona, a contemporary music festival which he co-founded in 2012.
His works are edited by Maison Ona