press yourself into the earth [2018]
for 12 instruments

KILN [2013–2018]
concert installation for solo percussion, percussion trio, and six low instruments. Includes the pieces:

porcelain body [2017–2018] percussion solo
glost fire [2017–2018] percussion trio
KILN I [2014/17] contrabass clarinet, euphonium, percussion
KILN II [2013–2014/17] bass clarinet, double bass, percussion
KILN III [2017] cello, tuba, percussion

your body is a volume [2017]
for string quartet

The Chain of the Spine [2017]
for violin, Paetzold contrabass recorder, cardboard, glass, and sine waves

RAW MATTER [2015–2017]
for bass clarinet

for two trombones

subsidence [2012–2016]
for electric, steel-string slide guitar (2 players)

karst survey [2016]
for piccolo, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, piano, percussion, violin, cello, electronics

KARST [2015–2016]
for 22 instruments

panic around death [2015]
solo for vocalizing performer, objects, electronics, light

BODY MATTER [2014–2015]
for amplified bassoon with plastic reed

Interfacing with the Surface [2013]
for horn, cello, MIDI keyboard, electronics

Uns-Apparatus [2013]
for brass quintet

for cello

Decke [2012–2013]
for string quartet

for solo trombone

traces that time leaves on built form [2012]
for piano and percussion

Nous-Apparatus [2012]
for piccolo, bass clarinet, percussion, trombone, violin, cello

you actually are evaporating [2011–2012]
for violin and cello

Containment [2009–2011]
for string quartet

Mirror Stratum [2011]
for contrabass clarinet & cello

Glass Stratum [2011]
for piccolo & violin

One Flat Thing, reproduced [2009–2010]
for oboe, violin, percussion

Apparatus [2009–2010]
for bass clarinet, cello, piano

The Restoration of Objects [2008]
for string quartet

Here is a sequence of signs, each having a sound and a meaning [2008]
for trombone

Disfix [2008]
for bass clarinet, piccolo trumpet, trombone