Photo: Bernard Clerc-Renaud


Composition Commission issued to Daniele Ghisi

Internationale Fredener Musiktage, Trier, Germany


“Bella Italia” is the theme of the 26th International Freden Music Festival Internationale Fredener Musiktage. Since festival management deem it very important to include contemporary music in the festival program the Freden music festival has issued at least one composition commission per year since 1993. Over the years this has produced a small treasure trove of 25 works specially written for the International Freden Music Festival and premiered there.
For 2016 the young Italian composer Daniele Ghisi has received a commission for a new work for violin, bass clarinet and live electronics, supported by the EvS Music Foundation. The work will be premiered in Freden by the festival ensemble camerata freden. The new work and the composer will be presented in a pre-concert portrait.
The aim of the festival is to offer a program outside cultural metropolises comparable in performance quality and program conception to what is offered in cultural capitals. Contemporary music and new compositions, in particular, are to form a firm fixture here.


July 20, 2016
Freden, Germany


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